I as LKF Čempionato etapas Anykščiuose

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Publikuota: 2017.04.24

Kviečiame registruotis į Pirmąjį LKF Čempionato etapą, kuris įvyks 2017 m. gegužės 7 d. Anykščių kartodrome.

    Komanda / Name of Team*

    Komandos vadovas / Head of Team*

    Licenc. Nr. / Licence No.*

    Telefonas / Phone*

    Šalis / Nation*

    Šiuos vairuotojus registruoju dalyvauti varžybose / These drivers are registred to the competition:

    # Start. Nr.
    Name of Driver
    Gimimo data
    Date of Birth
    Licencijos Nr.
    Licence No.

    We the undersigned, confirm that we are acquainted with International Sporting Code, Lithuanian Automobile Sporting Code, Lithuanian Karting Sporting, Event, Technical and Supplementary Regulations. We declare that we have analysed this Entry form and assure that all information included in to the Entry form is true fully filled. We understand that for any changes of information have to be reported to the Organizer. We know that by art. 73 of Lithuanian Automobile Sporting Code false Entry forms are held to be invalid and the Entrant can be accused by inappropriate action and entry fee can be not refunded. We accept that The Court of Arbitrage of Lithuanian Karting Federation is the final instance solving all disputes in Karting Sport.

    Start. Nr. Vairuotojas Šalis Komanda Licencijos Nr. Klasė
    7 Justas Jonušis LT JJ Racing 2017-KICS/2 KZ2
    11 Laurynas Razas LT Razas Motorsport 2017-KICS/7 KZ2
    88 Rytis Bartusevičius LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/55 KZ2 Masters
    Aleksander  Sliteris LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/57 MINI
    177 Edgaras Kelmas LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/33 MINI
    112 Tadas Juknevičius LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/22 MINI
    1 Paulius Paškevičius LT Paske Racing 2017-KC/11 KZ2
    2 Evaldas Dzialtuvas LT Paske Racing 2017-KICS/9 KZ2
    92 Gytis Melzbakas LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/51 KZ2 Masters
    171 Tomas Veilentas LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/52 MINI
    77 Andrius Kelmas LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/56 KZ2 Masters
    72 Stanislovas Veilentas LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/53 KZ2 Masters
    Dovydas Gudelevičius LT Paske Racing 2017-KNB/44 MICRO
    13 Darius Maciulevičius LT Razas Motorsport 2017-KNB/27 KZ2 Masters
    111 Laurynas Žadeika LT PILĖNAI 2017-KNB/1 MICRO
    190 Laurynas Žadeika LT PILĖNAI 2017-KNB/1 MINI
    44 Vytautas Surdokas LT PILĖNAI 2017-KNB/3 KZ2 Masters
    27 Aloyzas Čekavičius LT PILĖNAI 2017-KNB/54 KZ2 Masters
    122 Ąžuolas Jotautas LT Lenktynių linija 2017-KNB/57 MINI
    117 Ferapont Barinov LT Lenktynių linija 2017-KNB/46 MINI
    58 Džiugas Tovilavičius LT JJ Racing 2017-KICS/15 KZ2