2016 – 2017 m. Žiemos taurės I etapo dokumentai ir registracija

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Publikuota: 2016.12.13

Skelbiame Žiemos taurės I etapo dokumentus:

  1. 2016-2017 m. Žiemos taurės taisyklės
  2. 2016-2017 m. Žiemos taurės 1 etapo papildomos taisyklės / Supplementary Regulations for Winter Cup Round 1
  3. Papildomų taisyklių priedas Nr. 1 (tvarkaraštis) / Appendix No. 1 to Supplementary Regulations (timetable)
  4. Papildomų taisyklių priedas Nr. 2 (trasos schema) / Appendix No. 2 to Supplementary Regulations (circuit scheme)
  5. Papildomų taisyklių priedas Nr. 3 (daviklio tvirtinimo schema) / Appendix No. 3 to Supplementary Regulations (transponder installation requirements)
  6. Papildomų taisyklių priedas Nr. 4 (dalyvio paraiška) / Appendix No. 4 to Supplementary Regulations (entry form)
# Start. Nr. Vairuotojas Šalis Gimimo data Licencijos Nr. Klasė
Start.No. Name of Driver Nation Date of Birth Licence No. Category
1 4 Laurynas Žadeika LT 2008-08-10 LB16/01 Micro
2 44 Zahar Nefedov RUS 2004-04-30 KC#12 OPEN JR
3 93 Ivan Tkachev RUS 2005-06-06 KC#07 Mini
4 51 Vytautas Virbalas LT 1986-04-11 LNB16/37 OPEN
5 31 Edvinas Kazakevičius LT 1976-12-28 LNB16/44 OPEN
6 2 Andrius Jonelis LT 1977-05-16 X OPEN
7 11 Dovydas Gudelevičius LT 2008-06-14 LNB16/49 mini
8 15 Martynas Morkis LT 2005-07-23 LNB16/08 mini
9 113 Ąžuolas Eidukas LT 2003-09-13 LTCj16/05 Open Junior
10 52 Andrius Kisielys LT Open
11 5 Lukas Stanevičius LT Open
12 5 Dominykas Vinogrodskis LT xxx xxx MINI
13 2 Kasparas Vaskelis LT xxx xxx open jun.
14 5 Karolis Krisciunas LT xxx xxx Raket120
15 2 Dalius Maniusis LT xxx xxx Raket120
16 502 Giedrius Jurkauskas LT OPEN P





    Komanda / Name of Team*

    Komandos vadovas / Head of Team*

    Licenc. Nr. / Licence No.*

    Telefonas / Phone*

    Šalis / Nation*

    Šiuos vairuotojus registruoju dalyvauti varžybose / These drivers are registred to the competition:

    # Start. Nr.
    Name of Driver
    Gimimo data
    Date of Birth
    Licencijos Nr.
    Licence No.

    We the undersigned, confirm that we are acquainted with International Sporting Code, Lithuanian Automobile Sporting Code, Lithuanian Karting Sporting, Event, Technical and Supplementary Regulations. We declare that we have analysed this Entry form and assure that all information included in to the Entry form is true fully filled. We understand that for any changes of information have to be reported to the Organizer. We know that by art. 73 of Lithuanian Automobile Sporting Code false Entry forms are held to be invalid and the Entrant can be accused by inappropriate action and entry fee can be not refunded. We accept that The Court of Arbitrage of Lithuanian Karting Federation is the final instance solving all disputes in Karting Sport.